Nanking Massacre Crimes—(2)Murder

After the fall of Nanjing, thousands of citizens who were considered as former Chinese soldiers were taken to the Youngtze River and were machine-gunned.The Japanese also summarily executed many pedestrians on the streets, usually under the pretext that they might be soldiers disguised in civilian clothing.Others innocent citizens were used for bayonet practice. The more dramatic behaviors of the Japanese soldiers were decapitation, alive burning, nailing to trees, live burial, and hanging by the tongue. Some people were beaten to death.According to the history record, there is a “Ten-Thousand-Corpse Ditch” which measuring about 300m long and 5m wide. Nearly 12,000 victims were thrown away in here within the two months. Women and children were target victims as equal as men. Many women were bayoneted the belly after raped. Some little baby were throw into the air and then caught them with bayonets and sometimes the Japanese soldiers just bayoneted and shot them in the front of their mothers and family numbers. 

    The very famous and wanton matter is “Cut down 100 People competition”. Toshiaki Mukai and Tsuyoshi Noda were the two Japanese officers and they want to know who killed 100 Chinese people firstly through the killing competitions. Both of them killed citizens separately. For a moment, they killed victims 105 and 106 respectively when they met each other. Two Japanese officers didn’t know who the winner is when they just killed 100 people, so one of them said that they should play again with their broken swords and considered 150 citizens as target numbers. Hundreds of citizens died because of their games. The one of the survivors said that he would never forget the screen –Japanese cars were driving beyond the hundreds of citizens ‘bodies.


Toshiaki Mukai and Tsuyoshi Noda   gnyhl20041213njdts008.jpg Innocent  Nanking citizens’bones in Ten-thousand0corpse Ditch.gnyhl20041213njdts011.jpgTen-thousands of chinese people were killed by mechine-gunned in Youngtze River.gnyhl20041213njdts044.jpg

Innocent man was used for Japanese solder’s bayonet practice.



chinese soldiers were killed and their heads were cut out from their bodies.


 Japanese soldiers killed chinese man with bayonet and put victim’s head on his hand.


Japanese soldiers killed chidren as well without any hesitance.

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